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Kids Harry Potter Themed Class


Cost: $280 online deposit covers class for 1-8 kids $35 cash for each additional kid (up to 16 total) due in the studio Class Description: In this class we will complete 2 projects and end with a magic potion. Half the class will sew house scarves and the other half will make wands and then they will switch. I recommend sending the kids a (printable) Hogwarts House quiz (can be found on pinterest) with their invitation and then ask them to tell you their house when they rsvp. This will let me know what color scarves to prepare. You are welcome to bring food, cake and gifts to do during party. We will end with a fun magic potion that will tell each kid if they are muggle born, half-blood or pure-blood. Class Length: 2-2.5 hours (host can come 30 minutes prior to set up food a decor) Age Restriction: 6-16 Tools Provided: Aprons, sewing machines, hot glue guns, scissors, irons. Materials Provided: Fabric, thread, hot glue, skewers, paint, magic potion materials. Food and Drinks: I have free bottled water and I can offer a charcuterie platter (added cost) or you can bring you own food and drinks. Clothing: Close toed shoes recommended.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel please contact us 48 hours prior to class for a full credit to use at another time.

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