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New Year New Goals


If you're anything like me you're overflowing with goals and the hardest things is to focus on a select few at once. I have thoughtfully narrowed it down to 3 main goals for business this year:

1. Continue to build fun and enriching Art Clubs!

The Art Clubs we have at HelloHandmade are the most rewarding classes to teach, even though they are harder/busier then teaching regular adult classes. We teach so many things here that its not unusual for a new comer to feel intimidated, apprehensive or even scared. There is nothing like watching the confidence shift in a child and knowing that all these different experiences will forever change how they approach life in the future.

2. Seriously consider whether or not a commercial space is affordable!

While having the studio attached to my home has been incredibly convenient, especially when my kids were younger. I continue to dream about the benefits of having a commercial space.

Parking - While parking isn't too terrible, due to my corner lot and super wide streets, a parking lot would save me from worrying if my neighbors are secretly upset or annoyed.

Street Signage - Probably one of the biggest benefits of having a commercial space would be the ability for people to see and discover the studio driving through town. I've had to rely on word of mouth and social media all this time (no doubt powerful tools). However, there is always the fear that people might think its weird that they are coming to someone's house for a class (even though my house is separate). It may be deterring some people who might have otherwise been interested. Being seen as a more serious studio in a commercial space could bring in more class participants.

Regain Space - The possibilities are endless with what I could turn my current studio space into if I acquired a commercial space.

Currently, business has been growing but is not consistent enough. Maybe 2024 is the year business becomes more consistent and my commercial space dreams become in reach.

3. Find/Listen to more Business Owner books for Introverts!

I'm an introvert and I struggle with social interactions. It has defiantly kept me from seeking out business collaborations. A huge part of me wants to keep to myself and stay safe in my bubble but I know I would benefit by going to events and collaborating with other local business owners. The one book I've read has been helpful. It's called "Overcoming Awkward - The Introvert's Guide to Networking, Marketing and Sales." If you know of any others, please post them on the comments.

As always, thanks for being here and good luck to everyone in 2024!

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