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5 Reasons to join an Art Club

Everyone will have different reasons for joining an art club, but what if we looked at these different reasons as opportunities instead?

In essence a club is something that you do routinely! A routine builds habits and habits produce growth. Therefore, Art Club is a routine of good habits that create opportunities for growth. Let's take a little bit of a deeper look into the opportunities an art club can provide adults, teens, kids and families.

01 - Explore your creativity

Art Club is an opportunity for you to foster your independence, explore your creative side and express yourself freely, thru a variety of artistic experiences.

02 - Strengthen your relationships

Art Club is an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationships with family and friends by learning new things together and building connection in a fun and engaging environment.

“The single most important factor in our long-term happiness is the relationships and memories we have with our family and close friends.” — Clayton M. Christensen

03 - Inspire others

Art Club is an opportunity for you to connect with like minded people, inspire others, foster acceptance and celebrate your unique style and ideas.

04 - Momentarily tune out life

Art Club is an opportunity for you to slow down, tune out life and be in the moment, improving your overall wellbeing. Helping you to reset and regain focus when stepping back into your reality.

05 - Progress as an artist

Art Club is an opportunity for you to learn how to gain control over an artistic outcome using tips, tools and techniques and visually witness your progress and successes.


The word "club" in Art Club makes us think of the word "routine." HelloHandamde's Art Club is a weekly routine. If you think about it for a second, there is no other activity you can do for 1 1/2- 2 hours a week that offers the same opportunities as an Art Club. Not just the 5 reasons to join an Art Club but all the benefits that are bolded under each reason/opportunity above.

Do any of these resonate with you?

If I ranked these opportunities in order of importance to me it would be:

04, 01, 03, 02, 05 - I rely heavily on art being an escape!

If I were ranking them for my children it would be:

01, 02, 04, 03, 05 - I want my kids to want to try everything, free of doubt!

What's most important to you or what's most important concerning your kids or teens? Post in the comments how you would rank these opportunities and why!

As always, thanks for being here!

For more information about the Art Clubs offered at HelloHandmade click the link above!

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